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Age & ID Information

Our age requirements for a variety of services and the ID requirements. If you have specific circumstances or questions, please call or email the shop to clarify before coming in.

Below clarifies minimum piercing ages. We only tattoo 16+ with limited artists.

Over 18

Acceptable IDs: Valid government issued photo IDs. MUST HAVE DOB AND PHOTO

  • Driver's License

  • State ID card

  • Passport

  • VISA/Perm Resident Card

  • Etc.

**Please note: the physical ID must be on site, and we will take a photocopy of the ID. For this reason, we cannot accept military IDs and CACards; they are not legally allowed to be photocopied.

Under 18

Age Minimums: PIERCING

  • 8y and up: Lobes only

  • 13y and up: Ear cartilage (helix, conch, forward helix etc.), nostril, septum, eyebrow, lip, navel

  • 16y and up: Industrial/orbital, tongue

  • 18+ all piercings performed in studio

ID Requirements: Parent and Child

  • Parent's valid government issued photo ID, AND minor's birth certificate with parent listed

ID Requirements: Legal Guardian and Child​

  • Court documents confirming guardianship of the minor, legal guardian's government ID AND minor's birth certificate.

For unique situations, please contact the shop for ID requirements.

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