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Piercing Services

Piercing services are available by appointment and walk-in. Because walk-ins are first come first served, we do recommend calling the shop ahead of time to check for any potential wait times. If you have plenty of time, feel free to swing on by. We do offer in store shopping and all jewelry changes are subject to a $20+ fee based on volume and complexity.

Below is a list of the piercing services we provide. *Any piercings not on this list, please call to check for piercer availability.

Note: Pricing is for the services provided, jewelry costs are additional and start at $25+

Piercing services must be performed using jewelry from our shop. It helps us verify the materials, finish, quality and suitability for your piercings. We offer a large variety of implant grade titanium, niobium, 14k gold (yellow, white, rose), internally threaded or threadless jewelry so that you'll find a piece you love. We proudly carry brands like: BVLA, Buddha Jewelry Organics, LeRoi, Junipurr, Neometal, Hialeah and more.

Ear Piercings: Single Point

Anti-Tragus, Conch, Daith, Forward Helix, Helix, Lobe, Rook, Flat/Scapha, Snug, Tragus:

Single: $60

Additional: $45

Oral/Septum Piercings

Lip, Vertical Labret, Monroe, Medusa/Philtrum, Dahlia, Tongue, Septum:

Single: $60

Additional: $45

**We do not perform smiley, webbing or horizontal tongue piercings.

Torso: Nipple and Navel Piercing

Single: $60

Additional: $45


Dermal piercings are $85 each. Rachel also performs these piercings by appointment only. Please book using the link above.

Ear Piercings: Multi-Point

Industrial (Vertical or Horizontal), Orbital (hoop through 2 piercing points):

Single: $120

Additional: $45

Facial Piercings

Bridge and Cheek: 

$75 per piercing


Nostril, Eyebrow:

Single: $60 

Additional: $45

Genital Piercings

All genital piercings are $100 each. Rachel performs these piercings on male, female, and transgender anatomies. These piercings do require an appointment and consultation.

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