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Guest Tattoo Artists

We welcome artists from all over to do guest spots. Artists please read our guidelines and requirements prior to submitting any inquiries through email. 

*For clients: check our IG @wkdgoddess for upcoming artists, their dates and booking availabilities.

Guest Artist Guidelines and Information

Wicked Goddess is an all disposable tattoo and piercing studio 15 miles outside of Washington, DC at 2672 Avenir Place Ste M, Vienna VA 22180. We have brilliant resident artists and offer guest spots for domestic and international artists just traveling through. We make sure that the work environment is fun, productive and convenient for our guests, artists and clients. See below for details and how to book your stay.

VA Regulations

Virginia requires First Aid, CPR and bloodborne pathogens certifications. Please include these certifications in your inquiry email. You will also be required to submit a three page form to the VA DPOR at least 30 days prior to your stay. Please note this makes last minute guests impossible.

While On Site

We provide sanitized work stations with plenty of storage to our guests. At no point in time should anything be stored on the ground. We do have an onsite autoclave and ultrasonic though we encourage our guests to use an entirely disposable set up. The sterile room does have specific rules and requirements should you need to use it. You'll be responsible for thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing your station after each tattoo as well as disinfecting any equipment or surfaces that may have been contaminated. All bio-hazard waste must be disposed of properly in each station. Our staff is happy to assist with any questions or details while you're on site for the week.


We like to make sure our guests can travel easily and light. We supply disposable items for your use in shop (feel free to ask for a comprehensive list in your inquiry). We do not supply machines, inks, etc. If you have any special requests for supplies please let our managers know and they will do their best to accommodate within reason.


Booking Location: 2672 Avenir Place Ste M Vienna VA 22180, Dunn Loring Metro Stop

We realize artists have a large amount of variety in their clientele books and draw. We want to make sure that you are booked as much as you'd like to be during your stay. We recommend notifying clients you have in the area of your visit, make social media posts and get word out of your stay. We will also publicize your guest spot prior and during your time with us - send plenty of web ready pictures of you and your work prior to your stay. If you require assistance in booking during your stay, please note in initial inquiry.

What to include in Inquiry

**Inquiries missing the required information will not be addressed. Please make sure you have read through this page and are prepared with questions if any documentation is missing.

Please include in your email:

  • Preferred dates of stay

  • Social media links and portfolio images​​

  • First Aid/CPR/BBP Certifications

  • Current Tattooing license (if available)

  • Requests for supplies during your stay (if applicable)

  • Booking Notes for the manager (if applicable)

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